Sunday, February 13, 2011

Electronic Cigarette

Starting from computer to electronic cigarette, new technology has not only provided us with wonderful gadgets but has also shrunk their sizes. Yeah you read right, in this article, we are introducing the mini e-cigarettes.

micro electronic cigarettes ukThe Mini Electronic Cigarette is a microchip-driven potent aerosol device which successfully replicates the smoking practice. The aerosol part gasifies the fluid enclosed in a flavored or nicotine cartridge by means of a rechargeable power source, giving a cool vapor which impersonates the smoldering of the normal tobacco cigarettes.

A mini-cigarette got its name because it is smaller in size than the average electronic-cigarette. On the other hand, since the normal e-cigarette. is pretty long that’s why the mini electronic cigarette is actually of the same length as the normal tobacco cigarette.