Sunday, October 04, 2009

Great Deals On Contact Lens Removal Gas

Removal of gas-permeable lenses
Each time you remove the lens make sure you have washed your hands properly to remove dust or any other dirt. Readers please take notice – A fragrant soap should be avoided before removing the lens because the fragrance may add to your lens and cause irritation.
The most commonly used method to remove a lens is stare-pull-blink. You put your right hand on your under your left eye, with right hand move the eye skin to side wards and pull the lens, now blink. The lens would fall on your left hand. Switch the hands and do the same process for your right eye.
Some opticians often recommend a plunger to remove the gas-permeable lens to the beginners. Gently touch the plunger to the lens and pull it away from the eye.
Remember it’s impossible that your lens move behind your eye. Also, never try to remove lens with hands as it might cause a scratch on your cornea. Scratches on cornea are fatal and can cause permanent eye-sight problems.