Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Benefits of Sales Catalogs

What to Victoria Secret, DELL, Staples, Radio Shack, and Montgomery Ward have in common? Each of these companies has used the catalog to achieve a dominant position in a competitive marketplace. Each organization has used the catalog in a slightly different manner, but each has achieved the ultimate goals of market-share and profitability. How did they do it and how to get free cataloge?

Several organizations have made the mistake of measuring the effectiveness of a sales catalog by the direct number of sales that come through toll free numbers or other order mechanisms associated with the catalog. Montgomery Ward is an example of a once proud company that failed to measure the effectiveness of the catalog properly, and subsequently suffered the consequences.

Montgomery Ward built an empire around the catalog, using it as a means to communicate with potential consumers in extended geographic regions, and orders from other local store owners. The Montgomery Ward catalog kept the brand name fresh in the hearts and minds of consumers. The catalog alerted consumers to upcoming sales events, special discounts, and reminded them of purchases associated with changing seasons. Back-to-school, holiday shopping, and lawn maintenance welcomed shoppers with seasonal specials and compelling limited time deals. Even if the consumers did not take advantage of the seasonal sales event, it reminded them of the items available at Montgomery Ward stores, and thereby reminded them to shop there when the next need should arise. What are more benefits of sales catalogs?