Monday, April 16, 2012

Best SEO Tools

Search engine wars, Whiz coder cracks Website positioning Ways to rank online with as little work as you possibly can So many years now i have been living the life of an internet marketer and im here today to share my story with you and share a few insights that i have had along the way So what is internet marketing and do people actually make money from it, the simple answer to the second question is yes in fact just this week their is a guy i know who is going to secure himself a residual income of over $100,000 per month and ill show you his website if your interested so you can learn from him and see the amazing methods he uses to create that money, personally my best month so far is $27,000 USD and i had almost 2 years of over $20,000 a month while i lived in Thailand and travelled the islands in a big flash boat . But i lost the lot well i lost about $20,000 per month and it all happened a few years ago believe it or not on my birthday Feb 13th 2009, lucky that i had understood it could happen one day and i invested most of my money into learning technics others were using to make money online as well, one thing was clear i wasn't the only person who had made big and lost big, in fact google seems to make and break people almost daily. They do what is commonly referred to as a google dance once every 2 or 3 months and this wipes out 10000's of websites from their weak positions on the search engines due to a number of reasons we can go into later if you want, but you see more and more i was noticing people just like me people who had lost $20-30,000 dollars per month in business overnight , then i thought there must ofcourse be a flip side to this and because i know first hand its possible to wake up one morning making $1000 - $2000 in your sleep i started to hunt these new winners down. Because you see for yourself there is always someone at the top its just a matter of who will be in position for when the search engine dance starts again in 3 or 4 months Looking to get search engine traffic using seonukex So just what would make a web site rank nicely with the search engines and also is it mostly about your webpages search engines results ? Typically the quick response to these two questions would certainly be amazing information and plently of that and simply no its certainly not all about ranking your current web page on the search engines. The actual formula to fast sucess in reality is making content that becomes widely used on just one or lots of other internet sites, I call these golden links and now with the release of the long anticipated the gold-rush is on. The process we apply is establish subject material loads of it and after that distribute that content all-around the planet as far as i can for each week or month, and i can reach people considerably more effectivly having Hundreds of internet sites instead of simply just one website, so in many cases I may well finish up with the very first page of results in the search engine, so I merely submit my personal content pieces or some other content material just on other peoples websites all over the world. Any time anyone is genuinely showing an interest in what you have got to mention will look at the writer box and these people will pay a visit to the blog to find out more. With A single posting on just one website i get a single chance , then again if i own one article spread around the different press sites on the web ;) my chances are substantially better.