Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I love the Internet. Now, when I say that I'm not talking about the way I love my wife, or anything like that. My love for cyberspace runs much deeper. She's truly there for me whenever I need her. Okay, I'll shut up about that now. Besides, my wife may read this, and then I'd be dead meat. Anyway, do want to know what I love about the World-Wide-Web? It's the utter convenience of it all. I mean if you really think about it, you really won't find better or more handy options than you find on the web. Furthermore, this applies to so many different things. Whether you're paying bills online, ordering a pizza from the local Italian restaurant, or just surfing for new clothes, it's all a breeze and at your very fingertips. Oh, and wait; here is the best part of all; web-stores always accept credit cards online. This is outstanding! After all, it's virtually all we use these days.
What doesn't accept credit cards online? I'll answer that one; nothing. I don't care what you're searching or shopping around for, you can most likely use your credit card to buy it. Okay, okay, so there may be a few shops that prefer a money order or paypal. I have seen about two of these so far. Let me reassure you that they are few and far between. Besides, you can always set up a paypal account and enter your credit card information. This gives you the secure option of paying with paypal and having it pulled directly from your credit card. I told you basically anyone and everyone accept credit cards online. One thing about paypal though, that you may not care for is the fee process. For example, if you receive money via paypal, they will take about 3 percent of it. As far as sending money goes, I don't think you lose anything. That's always good! I for one use a paypal account all the time because it's just so darn simple to operate, and funds are received instantly.
Are you looking for some we-stores who accept credit cards online? Ha, you won't be looking very long. Most of them even accept all major credit cards, which makes it truly easy for you, the buyer. Browse through thousands of websites in search of all your favorite products. Most have secure sites that accept credit cards online without the risk of a third party viewing your information. That's imperative in this day and age.