Friday, October 20, 2006

A lot of people think that an artificial flower arrangements is a very stupid idea. They do not see any value at all in silk flowers, arguing that half of the fun of flowers is that there are vibrant and alive. Although a real flower bouquet has a lot of drawbacks, such as wilting, requiring care, lasting only a short period of time, and eventually getting flower petals all over the floor, these people still think that all of the inconvenience is worth it, because they see no worth in artificial flowers. But in my opinion, this type of snobbery is silly. The point of flowers, after all, is to cheer you up. The only difference between real flowers in artificial flowers, as far as I am concerned, is that artificial flowers can do this for a whole lot longer.
Of course, artificial flowers do not look quite like real flowers, but they have gotten better and better. As far as I can tell, there are many people out there who can not tell the difference when you see it. They look at an artificial flower arrangements and be quite sure that it is the real deal. Until, that is, they look very closely at it and discover that the flowers are actually artificial flowers. Often, the only thing that tips people off to the fact that they are looking at artificial flowers, is the absence of the mess that characterizes a real bouquet. They will notice that there is no water in the face, or that there are no flower petals on the ground. If this is the biggest difference between real flowers and artificial flowers, I think that the choice is clear. After all, who needs all of that mess and bother, when it can be so easily avoided?
Nowadays, I will never send a real flower arrangement to someone when they seem to be feeling down. I almost always send artificial flowers instead. While real flowers will make them feel better for a little while and then dies slowly, making a mess all over the floor, artificial flowers will last forever. They will continue to provide joy and happiness, lighting up the room and increasing the cheer in good spirits of all who are inside of it. Although artificial flowers do not have the romantic qualities of real flowers, they do have one quality that really goes far to characterize true love: they last for ever and ever.