Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fish Tank Decorations

Do you have a fish tank? Is it kind of plain? Adding some decorations can bring even more life to your fish tank. Choosing the right aquarium, equipment, plants, and fish tank decorations can help you create the basis for healthy living conditions in your fish tank. You can use all types of materials to give shape to the inside of your aquarium. Your biggest dilemma will be to decide if you want to go with a natural aquarium or go with a whimsical set up, such as castles and treasure chests.
The first thing that you want to decide on is what to put in the bottom of your tank. As long as they don’t contain calcium and your fish have no special requirements, the quartz gravel and river sand are perfect to line the bottom of your aquarium with. You can buy these fish tank decorations in almost any shade of the rainbow. Some people prefer the look of natural stone over colored rocks. You can build caves or other structures completely out of rocks. The rocks you put in your aquarium will provide your fish with shelter, places to hide, and a place to lay their eggs. As you can see, some fish tank decorations provide more than just an aesthetic look.
You can really bring your fish tank to life by using plants in your landscaping. It doesn’t matter if they are plastic or alive, they will complement your other fish tank decorations. Plastic plants come so close to looking real that it can be hard to tell them apart, just keep in mind what will grow in nature.
To set up your aquarium, first put the rock structures in the bottom of the tank. Place them in a way that they won’t break the bottom glass of the tank. Next, lay down your substrate. For the top layer of gravel, use pre-washed gravel and run it under the faucet until the water runs clear.
Install all of your equipment, such as the heater and the filter. Place your driftwood and roots, if you are using them, where they can hide your equipment without interfering with it. Next, add any plants that you are using as fish tank decorations. Either use a plate to disperse the water or pour it onto the rocks or wood so that it won’t disturb the fish tank decorations you have already installed. Install all your lighting and the top, plug it all in, and turn it on. Run your tank and adjust the water temperature and pH levels to what fish you are planning on keeping for at least a couple days before you add your fish. Lastly, you can add your fish slowly and remember the nitrogen cycle. Your fish combined with your beautiful fish tank decorations will add to the relaxing atmosphere of your tank.