Monday, July 13, 2009

What Are The Yeast Infection Causes For Men?

When the subject of yeast infection arises, most people immediately think about women. Although women are three times as likely to generate a yeast infection, men too can suffer from such an infection. Because of this, it is important you understand the yeast infection causes so you know what to look for.

A male yeast infection is going to arise just as any other fungus infection would. Typically, the good bacteria to yeast ratio in your digestive system are going to get out of order thus allowing thee yeast fungi to live longer and spread throughout your body.

There are several places to point blame when looking for the starting point of the yeast infection in men. The most common causes include antibiotics, alcohol, beer, sex, wheat products, peanuts and barley. Everything aside from antibiotics plays a role in candida overgrowth. The reason for this is because it weakens the immune system by eliminating good bacteria that is produced in the intestine.