Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Discount Gift Catalog

Catalog Choice has many of the most recognized discount gift catalog retailers including Tiffany’s, Brookstone and L.L. Bean that utilize their services. Their registered community is over 1 million persons strong. Members can opt out of mailings, reduce the number of mailings, or get new catalogs they may never have heard of before. “We may not be as well known as Tiffany’s, but our growing national retail network requires us to efficiently reach our retailers and customers with our new jewelry pieces. The online version is the most eco-friendly way to do that,” states Gerhard Kramer, Psalm 23 Jewelry’s Marketing Director.

Gerhard continues, “The cost of postage to an unwanted recipient is not only expensive, it’s wastes natural resources and impacts our environment. Our Psalm 23 Jewelry’s paperless shopping option online catalog can be updated anytime and our customers love that they can virtually turn the pages just like they would if it were mailed to them, without the added mailing costs.”

The trend of producing a quality product online without effecting additional natural resources adds to many sides of a small business’ bottom line and environment. Click here for more info on wholesale gift catalogs.