Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anxiety Medication That Causes Weight Loss Online

Anxiety medication causes weight ‘loss’?
Internet is one amazing thing. Anyone say anything on the internet and the whole world starts believing it religiously without even thinking about where it’s coming from. I have seen many ‘bloggers’ claiming that there are ‘some’ anxiety medications which cause weight losses. When I searched for ‘those’ medicines I found out that many are claiming ‘oxycodone’ an anxiety medication. Worse, they are publicizing this medication as an ‘anxiety medication which does double duty: relieves anxiety and melts those extra pounds’. I am the kind of person who doesn’t believe in what-that-blogger-say, so I stared digging deeper into the matter. I searched about oxycodone and tried to understand its mechanism on our body. Surprisingly, I found out that the drug is basically an opiate. Opiates are narcotics and are used to relive pain. Oxycodone comes with an additional characteristic – it helps reducing weight. The drug, however, has nothing to do with anxiety disorder. In fact, the drug may cause reverse effects as narcotics often increases the excitability of neurons. An increased excitability would worsen the anxiety disorder symptoms and use of narcotics like oxycodone may even prove fatal if taken by a patient with anxiety disorder.