Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Artificial Grass Turf Online

Grass turfs are manufactured by melting the materials at a high temperature, mixed with the dye that gives the green color and ultraviolet stabilizers to protect it from UV rays and finally it is stripped into thin grass like shapes. The core process is just like carpet manufacturing, where all the mixture is fed into a machine that extracts it out in the form of long strands which is then spun into ropes that are finally woven into yarns and spools. Just like carpets these turfs yarns are tufted, into a fabric and then attached with adhesive. To give it a soft feel, some manufacturers also provide a soft pad to give a cushioning affect. When all the process is done, the turfs are rolled and packed to companies for whole sale. The price is then determined by per square foot basis. To install grass turfs, the ground must be leveled and smoothed out. In case of an area where there is often rain fall, a drainage system must also be installed, since artificial turfs do not absorb water. Usually sand is raked within fibers, so that they are able to have a straight structure and do not look matted down. With the improving technology in grass turfs, it is surely taking over the natural grass, which at the same time is also rejecting the natural beauty of nature.